The Clan consists of Megan, Rogue, Dutch and Flossie, new arrivals details to follow.  All my dogs are family members and are treated as such although I do not lose sight that they are dogs!  They all live in harmony with each other and love nothing more than to run hell for leather around the paddock, either chasing each other or trying to run away with the toy.  All my dogs are fed BARF - I began feeding Barf when I got Rogue, changing the adults over at the same time and to be honest i have never looked back.  It is easy to do, the dogs love it and i know exactly what they are eating.

Megan has had many health issues with allergies as has Dutch, who has wheat/gluten allergy & had bloat, so it made sense to move them to raw, all of their allergies have since cleared up, they're coats are in a fabulous condition and they are healthy and happy


.Sadly we lost Megan to bone Cancer aged 8 years - Sept 2009

Sadly we have also lost Dutch to bone cancer aged 10 years - Oct 2010


After our 1st litter with Rogue & Flos we decided to keep 2 puppies 
Alice & Arthur, they have their own pages which are slowly being built up.


Meg                                                     Dutch