Ruiz Awesome Alice

d.o.b: 23/03/2010

Newgen Rogue at Ruiz X Schutzer Flossie at Ruiz


Alice is a very special girl and is just like her dad.
She has done very well in the ring always placing in the top 3 and placed 2nd at Crufts 2011 under Zena Thorn Andrews so i am especially pleased with her.

Alice is very clever (probably too clever for her own good), by clever I mean she works things out very quickly i.e she can open all the dog cages, hence letting all the dogs out, she can open the kennel doors, the stairgates, all forms of gate locks and if she can't open them she goes over them !. She has such a adorable character and never fails to make me laugh.

Alice aged 2 yrs 

Alice at 11 months

Alice at 9 months winning Puppy Bitch



Aged 6 weeks

Aged 8 weeks

Alice aged 10 weeks

This was her 1st trip out in the big wide world