2012 Champ shows

1st Veteran dog - Boston & district - Judge: Graham Lewis
1st VD - The Rott Club - Judge: Norma Window (Hanbar)
3rd VD - Welsh Rott club - Judge: Christine Chapman

2012 Open Shows

1st Veteran Dog - B.R.A - Judge: Stuart Thompson
2nd VD - LASER - Judge:- Guy Verschatse (Vom Schloss Hexental)

 Sept 2011
Rogue has come out of retirement in preperation for his first Veteran class in Jan 2012

4th out of 7  - Open Dog - B.R.A - Judge: Tan Nagrecha

2nd out of 3 in Open - Bedford & District - Judge; Esther Shaves


.2009 Champ Shows

3rd LD - Boston & District - judge: Joan Adams

3rd LD - Welsh Kennel Club - Judge: Mr P. Lawless


2009 Open Shows

2nd LD & Reserve Best Dog - BRA - Judge: Rodney Oldman
Similar for type but just preferred head & expression of 1, arched neck, well ribbed up with good topline, reasonable hindquarters , also well muscled & moves with purpose


2008 Champ Shows
PGD - Welsh Kennel Club - Judge: Jackie Stubbs
3yr old male I would like more strength of head but good expression, dark eye and well set ears. Moved well, good angles in front & rear, carried topline

2008 Open Shows
1st Limit & RBOB - Luton Premier Show - Judge: Alan Doyle (Rottsdale) Eire
3rd LD - B.R.A - Judge: Dagmar Kenis-Pordham
1st Open - Derby Canine Society - Judge: Nikki Wainwright
2nd A.V.Working Open - Judge: Christopher Quantrill
3rd Open - Romford & District - Judge: Jenny Banham

2nd LD - The Rott Club - Judge - John Purnell
level back, good tailset, good reach of neck, pleasing head, well marked, moved well

Open & RBOB - Dunstable & District - Judge: Nichola Bradley

 2007 Champ Shows
2nd GD - Manchester - Judge: John Mackenzie (Tysar)
short compact male, nice head & body, moved well

1st Undergraduate - CRUFTS - Judge: Robin Searle -
Extremely nice head, big nostrils & very strong dentition, balanced overall in a lovely order, moved very well.

1st PGD - Rott Club of Wales - Judge: Gordon Rual -
Excellent, full of quality, excellent head, eye & bite, neat ears, strong neck, excellent front, strong topline, good croup & tail, moved well.

2nd PGD - W.EL.K.S - Judge: Albert Wight -
Slightly different type being that bit taller & rangier when just posed. Pleasing head, eye & expression, very strong neck & an almost arrogant carriage, forelegs are straight, pasterns good & his attitude has to be admired, moved out with a free stride.

PGD - The National - Judge: Dr Ronald James
3rd PGD - Bath - Judge: Chris Window (Hanbar)

2nd - PGD - East of England - Judge: Margaret Gee
Good male, dark eye, good ear carriage, held topline on the move, handled well.

1st - PGD - Welsh Kennel Club - Judge: Mr J. Watt 
Strong medium sized dog, dark eye, good mouth, nice head but would prefer a little more filling under the eyes, clean neck, well laid shoulders, straight front, well boned legs, good feet, strong level topline, good hindquarters,  moved well.

Res - PGD - Richmond - Judge: Margaret Yates

2008 Open Shows
3rd PG - South West Essex Canine Association - Judge: Jo Warder (Schutzer)
3rd PG - Buckinghamshire Canine Society - Judge: Les Price
3rd PG - City of Cambridge - Judge:- John Warder (Schutzer)
2nd PGD - B.R.A - Judge: Christine Thorn (Kristalien)

1st PG & BOB- Hitchin & District - Judge: Bob Brampton
won on his strong head and solid movement

Open - Dunstable & District - Judge: Bas Bosch
Res PGD - LASER - Judge: Jo Ellis (Falkor)
3rd Open - Dunstable & District - Judge: Sue Searle

2nd - LD - B.R.A - Judge: Pauline Lockyer (Guardami) -
Lovely boy, very clean in outline & well balanced, strong head with broad muzzle. Would prefer more filling under the eye. Dark eye of correct shape, fabulous shoulders, strong topline & good angulation, correct harsh coat & in super condition, excels on the move. Prefered head & front of 1.

2006 Champ Shows
2nd Special Junior - CRUFTS - Judge:- Anne Garside-Neville - Not a huge big dog, was beated by the better shoulders of 1, very similar to 1.  Beautiful head & dark eyes, good topline, moved well.

Res JD - W.E.L.K.S - Judge:- Mike Smith (Fernwood)
Res  J
D - B.R.A - Judge:- Michael Heath (Vanhirsch)
Res  YD - Working & Pastoral - Judge:- Frank Kane
Res  YD - Bournemouth - Judge:- Hans T. Lehtinen

2nd  YD - Richmond - Judge:- Barry Clark (Dortmund)
'another male with true accurate movement, very fluid side on, covered the ground with ease, good extension front & rear, well angulated overall, typical masculine head, medium sized ears, dark eye & mouth pigment, acceptable shoulder placement through the withers to firm topline, strong frist & second thigh, very good backend, nice dog in very nice class'.

2nd ND - South Western Rott Club - Judge:- Marie Monk (Olearia) - Well proportioned, clean head, dark eye & pigment & tranquil expression, moderate angles, level topline retained on the move.

2nd ND - L.A.S.E.R - Judge:- Trevor Killick (Travillion) - Compact dog, medium tan, deep chest, level topline.  Masculine head, medium eye, good stop, moved freely. Tends to overstretch which makes him look long in back.

2006 Open Shows
1st JD - Romford & District - Judge: Jo Warder (Schutzer) - Won this class easily by covering the ground.  Good proportions with bone & substance.  Correct tailset.  Correct coat. Good width to front.  Dark tan.  Dark eye. Good mouth pigment.  Would prefer a typier head but he's young yet.

1st JD - Laser - Judge:- Andrew McMaster (Beiderbecks) -Nice masculine head, correct dentition, adequate angulations, moved very well keeping topline, good colour.

2nd ND - B.R.A - Judge:- Jenny Banham - Nice head not as strong as 1, dark eye, correct dentition, good angulations, moves well.

1st PGD & BOB- Worksop & District - Judge:- Sue Pollock-Yule - Solidly built male, stands four square.  A touch heavy in skull but well made all through.  Compact, good topline, strong quarters & moved soundly.

2005 Champ Shows
MPD - Richmond - Judge:- Joan Blackmore (Gameguards)
3rd  MPD - Midland Counties Rott Club - Judge:- Peter Rademacher
3rd  PD - B.R.A - Judge:- Stuart Mallard
3rd  PD - Driffield - Judge:- Christine Chapman
Res  PD   - South Western Rott Club - Judge:- Patricia Hall

2005 Open Shows
1st PD- BP & G4
- Huntingdonshire Canine - Judge:- Dr R.W. James
1st PD -BP & G4- East Midland Canine - Judge:- Mr M. Window

1st PD & BPD- The Rottweiler Club - Judge:- John Swinge - Excellent puppy, very good outline & head, neck & shoulders, level back, nice spring of rib, strong loins, well muscled, moved very well on a bad surface.

Res PD- Luton Canine -Judge:- Mandy McMaster (Beiderbecks)

2nd Open - Newmarket & District - Judge: Mrs Jo Warder